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Personalized training sessions that empower marketers to do more!

Brie E Anderson Leads

Workshops Designed for Lasting Impact

The Time You Need

Workshops require 90 minutes or more. This is to ensure ample time for hands on training.

Customized Content

The best part of a workshop or training setting is being able to work on YOUR specific needs.

Valuable Insights

Whether we are creating more effective strategies or recovering wasted dollars, your money will be better spent after we work together.

Hands On Training

Get actual work done while you learn.

I work with you to solve some of the problems you find yourself getting hung up on.

No two sessions will be the same as we spend the time working on YOUR accounts.

Workshop Topics and Itineraries

Understanding the Funnel of Today

    1. The workshop will start with an interactive “Funnel of Today” presentation where I will discuss the impact the Internet has on the traditional marketing funnel
    2. Then you’ll work through your customer journey in order to identify the funnel(s) your customers flow through
    3. The workshop will lead to insights on how to move consumers through the funnel more efficiently

NOTE: This workshop does have homework to be completed before we meet 😉


OPTIONAL: Create custom Google Data Studio Dashboard

Show Me the Money! Digital Marketing ROI

  1. Brie will deliver an interactive ROI presentation where we will answer the age old question “How is this effecting the bottom line?”
  2. You will work through your biggest concerns around the value of Digital Marketing
  3. You will find where money is being made and, potentially, lost for your company through Digital Marketing Analytics


OPTIONAL: Create custom Automated Google Data Studio Report for ROI

Creating Custom Dashboards

  1. Brie will take you on a tour of Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics and any social platforms’ analytics that you may be using
  2. You will work together to identify the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) important to your company
  3. You will check all of your tags to ensure they are collecting the right data
  4. You will create dashboards that can be used to track all of your KPIs automatically

Mining For Gold in Current Campaigns

  1. Brie will give a Mining For Gold in Current Campaigns presentation to introduce the secret places gold likes to hide in Campaigns
  2. The group will be taken on a tour of the “Gold Mines” in digital campaign
  3. You will work together to identify potential improvements for campaigns

Build Your Brand Voice

  1. Brie will go over the importance of Brand Voice
  2. The individuals will create a brand profile using given material
  3. You will come together as a group and compare profiles
  4. The group will work on a comprehensive brand profile and determine the appropriate Brand Voice


OPTIONAL: Content creation workshop using new and improved Brand Voice

Content Inspiration and Creation

  1. Brie will present a modified version of a “Breakout and Be Buzzworthy” presentation
  2. Group will take part in activities that inspire innovation
  3. You will explore tools used for content inspiration such as BuzzSumo, Answer the Public, Hashtags and more
  4. The group will create a list of potential content to create
  5. Each individual will leave with 5 or more pieces of content

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as Taught By My Omi

  1. Brie will give a brief version of a presentation titled, “I learned everything about SEO from my Grandma” where you will explore the basics of SEO
  2. You will select a page on your site that could use some SEO help and list out the SEO pros and cons of the page
  3. You will then use Omi’s rules to create an SEO Playbook that can be delivered to your developer for execution

Are You More Interested
In 1-on-1 Training?

Brie will conduct 1 to 2-hour training calls with you or your employee. The calls will be customized based on the needs at that time. Topics may range from digital marketing strategies, content creation, pay-per-click strategies and setups, search engine optimization or analytics.

Sessions can be bi weekly or monthly. Prices start at $150. There will be screening before coaching clients are accepted.

Leave These Workshops Feeling
Empowered to do More!

All workshops are meant to educate marketers to feel confident moving forward. Whether you shop out your digital or you work with clients everyday, it can be hard to keep up with the ins and out of Digital Marketing.

"Brie broke everything down into manageable chunks and had great tips"

"Brianna was great - intelligent, energetic and good with questions."

"Good practical application tips. Information was insightful & helpful."

Let's Get Started!

There is not much needed to get started, just a time that you are available! Workshops can be scheduled for 90 minutes or more. Contact me for pricing and needs.