Data-Driven Digital Marketing Strategy

Brie E Anderson creates step-by-step strategies based on both previous and current numbers from your site, your competitors, your industry and other analytics.

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Strategies are created with 10 years experience, over $2 million of SEM ad spend experience, a half-million dollars of SEO experience and a BUTTLOAD of passion.

All packages having starting points that may increase depending on the size of your site, campaign, and industry. Get in contact with Brie for a quote!

Digital Marketing Strategy

After setting benchmarks and conducting a thorough analysis of your current strategy, Brie will work with you to create a full, integrated digital marketing plan.

Starting at $500

Search Engine Marketing

Brie will either rework or set up search engine marketing campaigns - including setting up keyword lists, ad group, writing ads and selecting landing pages.

Starting at $1000

Search Engine Optimization

After the analysis and education are complete, I deliver a "playbook" style document that lays out short and long term search engine optimization plan.

Starting at $1500


Numbers and patterns come naturally to me. I’m one of the few who can just look at the numbers and the patterns just pop out to me.

When I do analysis for clients, I start by ensuring all of the tracking is set up correctly for accurate ROI data, then I start to dig in. I ask for all of the numbers I can get my hands on so I can look for any information that might help your bottom line.

When I do my initial analysis, I like to take a video of myself going through the information. If I find something useful I will take note of the time so I can share that portion of the video with you along with screenshots of the information I come across.

Once I’ve gone through all of your data I create a visual report that anyone can understand.


Before diving into the initial analysis, I like to do a sit down with all of my clients to ensure everyone is on the same page. It is very important to me that all partners understand what is going on with their marketing.

These meetings usually cover:

  • vocabulary
  • tours of all of the platforms
  • what platforms do what
  • how each platform works
  • where to look for key performance indicators
  • where you want key performance indicators to be

But, I am happy to cover anything that you have questions on.

For more experienced partners, I cover a few of the above but mostly focus on what has changed in the industry recently and what they need to prepare for.

After the educational part of the meeting, we move into the initial analysis I prepared. With your newly acquired education, you will have a clear understanding of your current marketing position.


After completing the analysis, I will start working on a strategy within your scope that will play on the opportunities identified in the analysis.

All strategies, unless otherwise agreed upon, will come in the form of a playbook. The playbook comes with step by step instructions on how to complete all suggested strategies and make the most of the money and hours you have available.

Strategies may include:

Once strategies have been deployed there are two options – we schedule a bi monthly/ quarterly audit OR you take the information you’ve learned and run with it!

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