Stop Wasting Money on Facebook Ads

Ad Spend on Facebook continues to rise due to the lack of organic reach. The problem is, if we are spending money, we need to make sure it’s well spent and that our ads are getting in front of the people who matter.

Facebook Ads has a lot of automation that can negatively effect the impact of your dollars. Take a look at these things when you are placing ads:

Choose the Right Locations

When you choose a city as a location, Facebook automatically ads a 25 mile radius around that city. If you aren’t paying attention, you will be paying to reach people outside of your audience. To avoid this waste, click the button next to the location name that says “+25” and select “current city only.”

To avoid further waste, click the “everyone in this location” button above the map and select the type of audience you are wanting to reach.


Target the Right People

Layer over different types of targeting to ensure you are being as specific as you can with your targeting. When you start layering over information, you will see the hand on the ticker get closer to the red on the left hand side.

While many times Facebook tries to scare you out of narrowing down your audience, the more broad you go the more waste you will have. I like to NARROW audiences by interest in the most predominant color in the ad, it makes the targeting more specific and ensures that there will be something appealing to the people who see it.

Pay for What You Want

Facebook makes assumptions on what you want to pay for. Always be sure to check what exactly you are going to pay and optimize for. This information can be found under the “Delivery & Optimization” section under ad group settings.

When you look here, you will see that we are Optimizing for link clinks and our Bid Strategy is for the lowest cost for link clicks BUT if you look at When You Get Charged, you are being charged for impressions.

That means if you get 1,000 impressions and 0 clicks, you still pay. If you change this to clicks, now you only have to pay when you get what you want.


Choose Where You Want Your Ads to Show

Your ads are automatically shown on every available platform, regardless of where your ads where created to be shown. If you look at Facebook timeline, right column and marketplace placements all have similar specs and the creative would resonate well in any of these placements.

Now, imagine if that creative was thrown on Instagram, where almost everything is square. It will become very obvious that your post is an ad and raise your cost per click.

BONUS TIP! Get More Page Likes

If you place ads, there is a very good chance that you will get “reactions” from people who don’t already “like” your page. There is a way to invite these people to “like” your page and we have seen about an 80% success rate.

Here is how to do it:

  • Check your reactions
  • Click on the first name
  • Click the “Invite” button

Now Do It

Try these tips out and Tweet Me to let me know how they worked for you!

Still need help? No worries, I’ve got you.