Jumping into Facebook Page Insights blindly can be very overwhelming! To try to break things down just a bit, I’ve gone through each tab (and metric) step-by-step.

At the end of this post, once you’re an Insights BEAST, you will find a download for an analytics worksheet and complimentary strategy sheet.

Now, let’s get to learning!

The first thing is first, you have to get to your Page Insights!

When you go to your Facebook Page, there is a light gray navigation bar. There 10 different tabs, one of which is “insights.” That is the tab you want to go to!

Once you get there, there is a navigation bar on the left-hand side. In this post, we will be covering:

Insights Overview

The first thing you will see after clicking the “insights” tab is the Page Summary for the last 7 days.

You can change the time period from Last 7 days to today, yesterday, or Last 28 days. To do that. simply select the blue text next to the words “Page Summary.”

My go-to metrics

#1 Page Views

This tells me how many times people actually came to my page. I consider these people to be mid-funnel as they’ve obviously seen something of mine that they liked and wanted to see more of or they actively sought me out.

#2 Post Engagement

To me, people engaging with my posts is far more important than people seeing them… I want people to get something out of my content and usually that requires them to answer a question, click a link, react or SOMETHING! And hopefully, what I provide will be so useful they have to share it with their friends.

#3 Page Followers

Again, for me, it’s all about the warmth of the audience. If someone hits the “follow” button, they are prompted to select whether or not they want to see that page’s content FIRST in their timeline. They are also prompted to select whether they want to receive notifications when the page posts. Both of these are great touchpoints to have.

Page Reach Analytics

In this view, I like to take a look at all of the metrics, but when I do I’m looking for one thing: THE SPIKE.

These spikes indicate you are doing something right! So take note of the day (or days) that they happen on. The content that was posted on those days is the pieces of content that you need to aim to recreate.

If you scroll to the bottom of this screen, you will see the engagements over this time period. When you look at these spikes (and take note) you’ll understand which content starts conversations, is shareworthy and invokes reactions.

Facebook Posts Insights

When Should I Post to Facebook?

This is the most looked for insight and I am here to help you out with it!

At the top of the Posts view, you will see a chart with seven bars and an odd-looking, filled in line graph. This graph shows you when your audience is online.

When you look at this chart, you should be looking for which days people are online and at what time. When you hover over each day’s bar, it changes the line graph to show you the times that people are online that day. If you’re looking for a time to post, again, LOOK FOR THE SPIKE!

Which Post Types Perform the Best?

The graph above can also be toggled over to show you post types and how they perform. In this view, Facebook breaks down your posts into photo, link, video and text posts.

Next to the post type, both the reach and the engagements are listed. At a quick glance, you will be able to tell which posts are performing best for your page.

What is THE Best Thing I’ve Posted?

If you scroll further down the Posts tab, you will see a list of everything you’ve posted during the time period you have selected. Next to each post, you’ll see the reach (or impressions depending on which you choose) and the engagements.

In this view, you can also see the comparison between paid and organic reach. Again, this setup allows you to take a glance and see exactly what is working.

People Who Like and Follow You

Under the People tab, you will learn the demographic information of the people who Like your page.

This demographic information includes:
– Age range
– Gender
– Country
– City
– Language

You can get this same information for the people who follow your page. Individually, these views are valuable, but when compared they’re even more valuable!

I like to see where the gaps are – who am I reaching that hasn’t liked my page? How can I activate that audience and encourage them to take the next step? What have I done to reach these people?

Now Go On!

To help you stay on track next time you’re in Facebook Page Insights, I created a quick worksheet for you that includes a weekly strategy sheet.