So much is going on! Everyone is having to pivot because of this massive, global situation and people are having to get a bit creative in how they connect. Video continues to rise (for like the 7th year).

TikTok Pushes Past Bad PR

TikTok, the short-form video social platform surpassed 2 billion downloads and rolled out new features.

LinkedIn Betters the Online Interview Process

LinkedIn rolled out resources this week for online interview tools. As certain industries continue to grow, the need for new workers has not gone away. However, the hiring process has changed completely.

Instead of meeting prospects, showing them the office, allowing them to potentially meet other coworkers, all interviewing has to be done online or via phone call. Video allows you to still pick up on the nonverbal cues, that can often give you an idea of how candidates will be in the workplace.

LinkedIn is giving businesses a platform to better vet their candidates before moving forward with them. The two biggest tools are:

  1. The video introduction
  2. Online assessments

New Snapchat Ad Format and Feature

The use of social media has skyrocketed. As a result, platforms are looking for ways to capitalize on all of the new traffic. Snapchat specifically, has seen a 20% increase in traffic and a 35% increase is Discovery content consumption year over year. To profit off of this increase, Snapchat introduced a new ad format called “First Commercial.”

First Commercial is a non-skippable ad format that shows before Snap Originals. These ads are 6 seconds and last for 24 hours. As of now, the ads are only sold directly (as most new premium ad formats are). First Commercials offers massive opportunities for branding campaigns. I would not be surprised to see Quibi, Netflix, Hulu, and other long-form content hosts advertise in these spots.

Snapchat also rolled out “vertical conversions.” These conversions allow ads to be shown in either landscape or vertical view – an ad format used by Quibi. It’ll be interesting to see if more social platforms will jump on this trend because it is so interactive that it would likely increase engagement.

Video Continues Rising

Google Meet

Google Meet has announced that their premium product is free to everyone and will be rolling out premium features to users “in the coming weeks.” The video conferencing platform is encrypted and has many of the same features as Zoom – screen sharing, host controls, etc.

If you’ve not already jumped on the video conferencing train for your business, now may be the time. It can increase collaboration, engagement, and overall well being. Employees are craving connection and video conferences or just video chats/happy hours are a great way to foster that connection.

Marco Polo

Marco Polo rolled out a subscription service that will allow users to send videos in HD, control their playback speed and a playback scrubber. All of which are extremely valuable tools if you are using Marco Polo for business, but maybe not so much for personal use.

Much like many other platforms, Marco Polo has seen an increase in use since the onset of COVID. Marco Polo is allowing friends, family, and coworkers to stay connected in a personal way while staying at home and practicing social distancing.

Messaging in general is growing and will likely be the “next big thing” but video messaging is the next level. Video messaging allows you to add a personal touch and allow people to look you in your digital eyeballs as Brian Fanzo likes to say.