An Analytical Nerd with a Soft Spot for Strategy

My true love is connecting the dots between Digital Analytics and Digital Strategy to ensure successful campaigns.

Hi Guys! This is

Brie E Anderson

My motto for life is, "Passion is a Multiplier of Success." I live by this everyday through doing what I love.

Based In : Wichita, Kansas

Past Job Experience

I've been blessed to have seen digital marketing from all sides of the spectrum.


Startup Life

My first encounters with digital marketing were all around helping bands gain exposure through social media, websites and public relations.


Corporate Life

I interned for Aramark my junior year of college where I handled all social media and helped with email marketing campaigns, graphic design and data analytics.


Agency Life

My agency experience allowed me to experiment with many industries in the form of SEM, SEO, PPC, audits, training, reporting and more.

Today, I'm on a Mission to Educate Clients and Their Agencies

I have seen how Digital Marketing is handled on all sides and I've noticed some major gaps. I strongly believe the solution to the majority of these issues is some basic education around Digital Marketing.


I'm a Passionate Individual

Don’t get me wrong, I love Digital Marketing.. But I love other things as well!

First and foremost is my family! My dad has been in the military for over 25 years and is still going strong. My mom is my very best friend and my brother is the coolest dude you’ll ever meet.

I married my best friend in 2018 and her and I love adventure. Whether we are kayaking, rock climbing or exploring new countries, we are always on the go (which means we drink a loooooot of coffee).

We’ve got three full time fur babies including my pride and joy Frankie, a Pomeranian/ American Eskimo Mix that goes everywhere with me, a kitty cat that has been with us since the beginning and a foster fail kitten that I’m convinced is actually a mountain lion.

To date, we have fostered over 15 animals, all of which have found forever homes 🙂

Lastly, sports have always been a major part of my life. I was a goalkeeper for multiple soccer teams for 14 years and played one year of college soccer. After finding that my first college was not a good fit, I transferred to WKU where I started playing rugby.

I’m an extremely passionate person; I love hard and give my all in every aspect of life.